Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Kweek


Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Breeding - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Utmost versatile mixture with small Cribbs maize, maize Bordeaux, small peas, katjang idjoe, toasted soya beans and a wide range of fatty seeds.
  • Combination of high protein content with high fat content: perfect growth of young pigeons with soft feathers. Also ideal for pigeons played on the natural system.


Maize small cribbs, small green peas, sorghum white, wheat white, sorghum red, toasted soya beans, trappers, safflower seed, maize bordeaux, peas dunpeas, peas maple peas, oats peeled, brown rice, mungbeans, lentils, sunflower seed peeled, rape seed black, buckwheat, linseed, marien thistle, canary seed, sesame seed

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 54,0% – crude protein 16,9% – crude fat 7,7% – crude fibre 5,9% – crude ash 2,4% – calcium 0,09% – phosphorus 0,34% – sodium 0,01% – lysin 0,84% – methionine 0,21%