Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Long Distance TT

Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Long Distance TT - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Perfect mixture for high burden, flights with several nights in the basket and overnight flights. Ideal for filling the reserve tank after strenuous efforts.
  • Contains 40% maize (4 types: cribbs maize, Plata maize, Merano maize and Bordeaux maize).
  • Last days before the basketing, possibly in combination with a high fat mixture (ENZYMIX 7/47 MS ENERGY, GALAXY SPORT ENERGY or PREMIUM BRILLIANT).


Wheat, maize bordeaux , maize cribbs, maize merano, maize plata, sorghum white, safflower seed, peas maple peas, peas green, toasted soya beans, mungbeans, brown rice, oats peeled, rape seed black, sorghum red, peas yellow, striped sunflower seeds, millet white, millet yellow, lentils

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 58,7% – crude protein 12,6% – crude fat 7,2% – crude fibre 6,4% – crude ash 1,9% – calcium 0,07% – phosphorus 0,29% – sodium 0,01% – lysin 0,52% – methionine 0,18%