Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Brilliant

Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Brilliant - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Mixture for pigeons which satisfies the highest nutritional requirements.
  • This is a high-fat racing mixture with an impressive 22 different ingredients for preparing the pigeons for a race.
  • Rich in small, fatty seeds and grains and ideally compiled to guarantee optimal absorption of the mixture.


Maize small cribbs, small green peas, maize popcorn, sorghum white, wheat, sorghum red, toasted soya beans, brown rice, lentils, safflower seed, mungbeans, linseed, sunflower seed peeled, rape seed black, oats peeled, rape seed, barley peeled, millet yellow, millet white, sesame seed, marien thistle, canary seed

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 51,0% – crude protein 16,0% – crude fat 10,8% – crude fibre 5,8% – crude ash 2,6% – lysine 0,71% – phosphor 0,41% – methionine 0,24% – calcium 0,14%