Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Super Kweek

Super élevage - Super Breeding - Super Zucht

Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Super Breeding - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Contains top quality ingredients, like with small Cribbs maize and toasted soya as a source of easily digestible proteins, with optimal nutritional value. All this guarantees optimal absorption of the mixture.
  • Specifically tailored to pigeons’ needs during the breeding period.


Maize small cribbs, wheat white, sorghum white, sorghum red, toasted soya beans, small green peas, trappers, peas dunpeas, safflower seed, peas maple peas, maize popcorn, mungbeans, peas winterpeas, lentils, buckwheat

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 56,20% – crude protein 16,9% – crude fat 5,6% – crude fibre 5,6% – crude ash 2,4% – lysine 0,90% – phosphor 0,33% – methionine 0,21% – calcium 0,09%