Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Thoné Olympic

Beyers Belgium lintje JOS XAVIER THONEBeyers Belgium Premium

Premium Thoné Olympic - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • A beautifully multi-purpose all-round mixture for the whole year
  • Limited addition of other mixtures during specific seasons:
    • Winterbreeding: extra proteins through a Liègois mixture (extra peas)
    • Racing: extra carbohydrates and fats through GALAXY SPORT ENERGY and GALAXY LONG DISTANCE TT
    • Moulting: MOULTING SUPPORT


Maize small cribbs, wheat white, sorghum white, toasted soya beans, safflower seed, maize merano, small green peas, brown rice, lentils, trappers, sorghum red, mungbeans, oats peeled, barley, striped sunflower seeds, linseed, rape seed, peas maple peas, peas dunpeas, millet yellow, marien thistle, canary seed

Analytical Constituents

Carbohydrates 54,1% – crude protein 15,3% – crude fat 8,5% – crude fibre 6,1% – crude ash 2,3% – lysine 0,73% – phosphor 0,36% – methionine 0,22% – calcium 0,10%

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