Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Wal Zoontjens Yellow

Beyers Belgium lintje WAL ZOONTJESBeyers Belgium Premium

Premium Wal Zoontjens Yellow - 25 kg - 55 lbs

  • Easily digestible base mixture.
  • Ideal basis for feeding systems in combination with the more rich in fat BEYERS mixtures.
    • Middle and long distance: in combination with PREMIUM SUPER WIDOWHOOD (optionally supplemented with PREMIUM SUPER ENERGY) so that the pigeons are able to bear a greater burden and can also be basketed between the biweekly day-long flights.
    • Long distance: a perfect mixture for the rest period between two long distance flights and can be combined with the GALAXY LONG DISTANCE TT in preparation of the flight.


Sorghum white , wheat white, safflower seed, lentils, mungbeans, sorghum red, brown rice, buckwheat

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 53,7% – crude protein 13,8% – crude fibre 8,0% – crude fat 6,6% – crude ash 2,0%- lysine 0,63% – phosphor 0,28% – methionine 0,19% – calcium 0,09%