The selection of top quality grains, a fourfold cleaning process and well balanced compositions all ensure your pigeons will never go short of anything. The thorough cleaning process the grains are subjected to in particular is unprecedented.


All the grains in the mixtures are purified separately twice before being mixed, after which the mixture goes through another cleaning process and finally the process is finished with a good brushing.


Sieving the grains is still very much authentic manual work, as grains are a natural product and every single load will have different dimensions. The brushing of the grains results in a beautiful and naturally shiny mixture, without the need for oil to be added.


It’s important for the mixtures to be able to satisfy your pigeons’ needs, which is certainly not a matter of course in case of heavy burdening. At BEYERS we therefore mainly focus on mixtures which allow for maximum absorption of nutrients, in order to ensure the pigeons can get as much energy out of as little food as possible. After all, digesting the food also uses up energy and the time in between races is often quite limited in today’s pigeon racing.


It’s also important not to just aim for quick success, but to allow the pigeons to achieve good performance levels in the long term as well. This means the food needs to be compiled in such a way that there are no shortages of anything, ensuring the pigeon doesn’t have a relapse after a number of races. Plus in addition to the diet, it’s often also appropriate to provide the pigeons with some extras in the form of complementary products, as done by top fanciers too, in order to allow them to perform optimally. The top quality BEYERS Condition & Care range certainly offers extensive opportunities in this regard.


It’s very important to react to the individual pigeons’ needs when feeding them. These needs are dependent on the time of year and the amount of burdening. When we look at the nutrients in grains, we can see that the basis of all pigeon mixtures consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The ratio of these nutrients must be tailored in line with the pigeons’ needs.


The carbohydrates (sugars) always represent the biggest share. The protein content must be higher in the breeding season and after a difficult race and the fat content must be increased towards the basketing.


So the key to success where feeding is concerned in the first place is achieving the right balance of the mixture. Secondly, the quality of the grains is of the utmost importance, as pigeons need to be able to get as much energy as they can out of as little food as possible. The absorption of nutrients from the food is heavily dependent on the quality and cleaning of the grains.


There is no such thing as the best mixture. The reason for this is that pigeon fanciers all deal with their sport very differently. They use a variety of completely different systems and the burdening also greatly differs. The question should therefore always be, which feeding system suits me and my system best. The general rule here should always be to ‘keep it simple’.


As Ad Schaerlaeckens has stated, the general rule in today’s pigeon racing is that whoever makes the fewest mistakes will be crowned Champion.


We would like to introduce our products to you in the remainder of this catalogue; we will provide you with recommendations regarding the products’ usage, based on practical experiences acquired by successful fanciers. See which method best suits your system and use it to your advantage to also bring the results of your colony up to a higher level!