BEYERS can be described as a well balanced combination of experience and innovation. On the one hand we have BEYERS’ impressive history, spanning more than a hundred years, which guarantees the extensive experience in the production of top quality mixtures for pigeons. One of the ways in which this experience is reflected, is in the unique grain cleaning process. Then on the other hand we have innovation too, which hasn’t merely given BEYERS an impressive history, but has also resulted in the company still being one of the most prominent players within the pigeon food industry today.


Thanks to DUFKY-ELITE, the innovative techniques used in the ENZYMIX mixtures, in which enzymes are added to the feed to improve digestion, are now part of our product range. By sharing our EXCELLENCE and EXPERTISE and pooling them with those of TEURLINGS, we will consolidate our leading role in pigeon racing and continue to strengthen our position in the future. INNOVATION and OPTIMISATION of mixtures and supplements also form part of our BEYERS identity, founded on practical experience and very close working relationships with top fanciers in today’s pigeon racing world at home and abroad. BEYERS can also guarantee the continuous optimisation of its products as a result of its close collaboration with the world’s best in modern pigeon racing.


BEYERS doesn’t believe in working on its products for the pigeon market from the top of its ivory tower. Pigeon fanciers are employed at various different levels within the organisation, from production to sales and management and these people can perfectly empathise with modern pigeon racing experiences. Plus the company also boasts some very intensive working relationships with the absolute top of today’s pigeon racing sport, both at home and abroad. Their feedback regarding their practical experiences with BEYERS’ products allows us to continuously optimise the mixtures and complementary products. It’s essential to continue to react to this valuable feedback, as pigeon racing certainly doesn’t stand still, but is, in fact, becoming more intensive and the burdening of pigeons is constantly increasing.


This old English saying means that it has to be ‘proved in practice’ and that is the motto of BEYERS. We do not wish to dwell too long on the fact that we strive for top quality in all of our products, but rather let the products do the talking through the results achieved by our customers. And not only the single race results, but also the various championships they won. The fact that this is also the case is shown by the high number of top performances by our customers in recent years, ranging from regional knock-outs and winning championships in different distance disciplines to national wins and even national championships.


Of course it all begins with good pigeons, but in a sport that is becoming more intensive; nutrition is becoming more and more important. Or like the leading Belgian fancier Dirk van Dyck aptly expressed: “I never thought that corn could make that much of a difference until I switched to the mixtures of BEYERS.


It would be far too convoluted to present a detailed list here of all the achievements of pigeon fanciers who chose our high-quality BEYERS mixtures and BEYERS Condition & Care range. They are well-known enough and details are available through specialised digital channels.


Our website simply shows you a selection of the top results achieved in recent years. In pigeon racing, as in so many sports, the fact is that you are only as good as your last competition and you always have the ambition to do even better in the next ones.