Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Rui


Beyers Belgium Galaxy

Galaxy Moulting - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Ideal balance of nutrients with sufficient crude fibres so that the pigeons do not become fat and bulky.
  • Composed of 24 different ingredients: 4 types of maize, raw materials for essential proteins, amino acids and many small fatty seeds which promote moulting and ensure perfect new feathers.


Sorghum white, wheat white, brown rice, barley, maize cribbs, safflower seed, maize small cribbs, small green peas, trappers, maize bordeaux, maize merano, toasted soya beans, oats peeled, mungbeans, rape seed black, lentils, linseed, peas maple peas, striped sunflower seeds, canary seed, rape seed, millet white, millet yellow, marien thistle

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 54,2% – crude protein 14,8% – crude fat 8,8% – crude fibre 6,4% – crude ash 2,3% – calcium 0,12% – phosphorus 0,37% – sodium 0,01% – lysin 0,52% – methionine 0,18%