Beyers Belgium Premium

Premium Verkerk Sport

Beyers Belgium lintje BAS GERARD VERKERKBeyers Belgium Premium

Premium Verkerk Sport - 20 kg - 44 lbs

  • Multipurpose racing mix consisting of 29 different ingredients.
  • Highly energetic with high-value grains and seeds.


Maize cribbs, maize plata, wheat white, sorghum white , safflower seed, maize merano, sorghum red, maize small cribbs, toasted soya beans, small green peas, peas maple peas, peas dunpeas, mungbeans, peas green, lentils, linseed, rape seed black, peas yellow , brown rice, oats peeled, striped sunflower seeds, barley, buckwheat, millet yellow, marien thistle, canary seed, maize popcorn, sesame seed, quinoa

Analytical constituents

Carbohydrates 58,3% – crude protein 13,6% – crude fat 6,9% – crude fibre 5,5% – crude ash 2,0% – lysine 0,6% – phosphor 0,3% – methionine 0,2% – calcium 0,1%

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