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From the day in 1968 when Wal Zoontjens began pigeon racing as an independent entrant in Riel (NL), he has always held a position among the champions.
His father Jan Zoontjens had been looking into better husbandry methods from as early as the nineteen-thirties. The book ‘Nutrition, vitamins and pigeons’ by Arie van den Hoek served as his guide.

His vision formed the basis for the mixtures that Wal Zoontjens developed in collaboration with BEYERS Technical Consultants, and which they released in 1989 for use by pigeon fanciers all around the World, BEYERS PREMIUM WAL ZOONTJENS YELLOW ‘The unique and authentic one with the grand master’s signature!’

BEYERS PREMIUM WAL ZOONTJENS YELLOW remains an ideal mixture for use with every feeding program.

BEYERS made this film about the feeding program and racing system of Wal Zoontjens together with Frans Strikker (SimulPlus) and Falco Ebben (PigeonPixels).