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BEYERS worked with Gerard Koopman, to develop GOLDCORN KOOPMAN, an unique ingredient (animal proteins and fats from cheese, milk and sheepfat), and then added it to their first co-creation PREMIUM KOOPMAN ALL-IN-ONE mixture, creating a main course and dessert in one feed.

PREMIUM KOOPMAN ALL-IN-ONE mixture was developed to fulfil Gerard’s vision of being able to feed all types of pigeons, every day and throughout the year with a single basic allround mixture. According to the pigeons’ requirements, KOOPMAN ALL-IN-ONE is mixed with barley, paddy rice or BEYERS ORIGINAL SUPER DEPURATIVE.

BEYERS made this film about the feeding program and racing system of Gerard Koopman and his team together with Frans Strikker (SimulPlus) and Falco Ebben (PigeonPixels).